How To Look Best On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be the day you will remember for the rest of your life. All eyes are going to be on you and the moment will be captured in various photographs and videos. People will be sharing photos of your wedding on the social media at least for a few weeks. That you look flawless on this day is a dream and you can do some things starting from a few days before your wedding to ensure that you have done your bit.

Here are a few health and beauty tips that you can use to build a regime for yourself appears 3 months prior to your d-day


Of course, you need to rest and be wary of any scratches and blemishes on your body but that doesn’t mean you will stop taking care of your health. Build a daily exercising routine with nothing more than a few stretches, push-ups and jumping jacks. Even mere 15 in a day will suffice. Exercising will keep your fit both mentally and physically and the sweat will add a natural glow to your skin.

Skin Care

The world around is full of harmful pollutants that penetrate the skin pores every day. Brides and grooms take utmost care to ensure that there are no last minute blemishes and breakouts o  the perfect contour of their skins. Always wear a sunscreen when you go out in the sun.  If you aren’t already then start using body lotion to build a soft, supple skin feel. Moisturize and cleanse your face as often as you can. Before sleeping, use a mild makeup remover to remove all the makeup off from your skin. Avoid going out in extremely dusty and harsh weathers. To explore more on how to take care of Brides’ skin , please visit the page!

Eating and Drinking Healthy

Cut down on cravings and junk food. Skincare will protect your skin from the outside. Healthy eating habits will do it from the inside and add an inherent glow to your skin. Have home cooked food that is cooked in less oil. Have at least one seasonal fruit and a bowl of garden fresh salad every day. Cut down on alcohol intake and minimize smoking as much as possible. Some people have the tendency to skip meals because they are looking forward to shedding some pounds before their d-day. However,  it is advisable not to do so and maintain a healthy diet with a few cheats to satiate your cravings to keep you happy

Yoga and Meditation

All the wedding shenanigans and preparations are going to exhaust you. Take your daily dose of stress relief with some yoga and meditation. If you cannot find time to do a proper routine Yoga, then just 15 minutes of closing your eyes in a serene environment will do the trick and work wonders for your skin and body. For more about physical exercises for Brides, please visit the page!

Of course, the professionals you have hired to dress you up, do your hair, and your makeup at your wedding will take care of most of the final minute touch-ups but taking care of your health and skin will ensure that you are emotional, physically and mentally fit to enjoy the most memorable day of your life.